Note: Only valid for browser extension (local monitors).

You can receive audio notifications for content change in your monitors. In addition to the available three audio sounds, you can add “custom” sounds alerts. You can also disable audio notification from Global settings to apply to all your monitors at once .

How to add audio alert action?

You can add audio notification from the Options window or from the context menu button as shown below in the picture:

Audio notification - Distill Web Monitor

How to add custom sound alerts?

There are 3 alert sounds given in Distill sound list. You can choose from these sounds. In addition, you can also add your custom audio file to play as audio notification. Please follow these steps to help you add custom audio file:

  • Step 1: Click on “Settings” from Watchlist.
  • Step 2: Go to “Actions” tab. In the Tones section, add the file and save changes.

Once you add a new audio file, you can select this audio as notification audio for any specific monitor from the dropdown-list of audio file.

Add custom sound - Distill Web Monitor

How to disable audio notification from Global settings?

You can disable audio notification for all your monitors at once. Go to Settings→ Actions. Uncheck “Enable audio notification”.