Add your first monitor using browser extension

Once you have added “Distill Web Monitor” extension/add-on to your browser, you would be able to see a Distill icon (a blue color drop icon) in your browser toolbar. If not, please check your extension/add-on list in browser and click on “Show button” (for Chrome and Opera) or drag the icon (for Firefox) to the toolbar.

Following are the steps to add monitors to Distill:

Step 1: Open the webpage you want to monitor.

Step 2: Click on Distill icon from the toolbar icon. It will open a small window with some options.

Step 3: Click on “Watch page” to monitor the whole webpage or click on “Select elements to watch” to monitor only a selected part/section of the webpage.

Getting Started - Distill Web Monitor Browser extensions

Step 4: If you have clicked on “Watch Page”, your monitor has been added to Distill.

Alternatively, If you have clicked on “Select elements to watch”, you can select elements from the webpage. Hover around the webpage to see a black box moving. Hover around your desired section in the webpage and once the desired area is surrounded by the box, “click” to select. Further, you can expand and contract this selection by clicking on the “<“ icon from the upper left corner of the selected box. Once you have selected elements, click on “Save selections” from the Visual Selector toolbar at the bottom of the webpage.

Your monitor has been added to Distill. This will appear in your Distill’s “Watchlist”. Click on “Watchlist” from the Distill icon to view Watchlist. You can configure the settings for any item from the Watchlist.

Want to see steps for a specific browser?

Click on the link for your browser to see the steps: