What is sync?

Sync lets you synchronization data across different devices. You no longer need to worry about data loss as your Watchlist is safely saved to your account in cloud. You can access your Watchlist anytime from the web at https://distill.io/inbox.

When sync is on, you will be able to see monitored pages and device names that manage the monitors. Note that sync only synchronizes data. A check is only performed on the device that a monitor is set to run on.

Following is an image which shows a synced Watchlist with monitors running on different devices:


You can change the device of a monitor by clicking the device icon and choosing one from list of synced devices.

How to enable sync?

Sync is available to paid customers only. To enable it, go to a browser extension's Watchlist and sign-in under “Settings → General” and check Sync items across devices. On some devices, it is required to restart your browser too.

Sync monitors - Distill Web Monitor

When a change is detected for a synced monitor, it make take a little time to sync the new data to cloud and other connected devices. Actions are always a faster way to get updates.

How to check which monitors are synced and which not?

From the browser extension Watchlist, you can check if the monitors are synced or not. The blue vertical bar at the end of monitor in Watchlist shows it is not synced. Absence of blue vertical bar shows the monitor is synced.

Synced and non synced monitors