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Monitors20 (only local)40120300+
Min interval for cloud monitors6 hours10 minutes10 minutes2 minutes
Checks/month for cloud monitors1k20k80k160k+
Push Notifications120036007500+
Version history102020
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What are local and cloud monitors?

A local monitor runs in your browser extension where as a cloud monitor runs on Distill's servers.

What are checks/month?

A check is counted every time Distill checks a monitor for changes. Each plan has a limit to the number of checks that can be performed per month. Distill browser extensions checks are unlimited whereas cloud checks are restricted.

Do email actions include emails sent by browser extensions?

Yes, all emails notifications are counted. They include emails sent for monitors for cloud as well as browser extensions.

What is Flexi plan?

A Flexi plan enables you to use resources without any restrictions. Base monthly fee of $49 provides resources for free. Any usage beyond the reservation will be billed at the end of current billing period. Learn more about Flexi usage charges.

Does unused resource carry forward to next month?

No, any unused resource expires at the end of current billing period.

How to cancel subscription to a premium plan?

To cancel, you can change your plan to free plan in billing page at any time.

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