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Local monitors run in your browser, while cloud monitors run on Distill servers. Local monitors require your browser to be open. Multiple monitors at small check interval may not check at the scheduled time in the browser. Cloud monitors run 24*7 in the cloud and checks are distributed between multiple servers.
To add local monitor, Step 1: Login to the password protected webpage Step 2: Use Distill's browser extension to monitor the section you want and save. If you want to monitor authenticated webpages in cloud, please email us at and we will help you.
You can email us at and we will setup a call to discuss your requirements.
Please see
Currently phone apps are available to paid users and is invite only. If you are subscribed to our paid plan, you can email us at and we will send you the invite.
You can monitor PDF from Distill cloud at Click on down caret icon to the right of "Add webpage" button and select "PDF". PDF files can not be monitored from browser extesnions.
Browsers do not allow some webpages to load in background. By default, Distill opens them in a new tab and checks for changes. You can also set this to a sticky window from Settings -> Advanced. For more details, please see:
Distill's API is available to Flexi and Enterprise plan users on request. Please email us at to get them.
You can update "delay" parameter's value in config to the desired seconds. By default, it is set to 0. For example, to add a delay of 5 seconds, you can update the config to "delay": 5. This way Distill will wait for 5 seconds to let webpage load and then check for changes. To know how to view config, check:
You can monitor XML from Distill cloud. Login to your Distill account at Click on down caret icon present after "Add Webpage" button and select XML. XML can not be monitored from browser extensions.

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