Config and Advanced Options

How to view config?

Config contains details about the selection of a monitor in JSON format. You can view and make changes to it based on your needs.

To open config, go to “Options window” → click on down caret button right to “Open Selector button” → click on “Show config” as shown below:


Config parameters

Config is generated automatically by Distill with its all parameter set to its default value.

  1. index: Generated by default. Its value is based on selection. For selection inside an iframe, the index should match with iframe’s index.
  2. excludes: List of selectors for excluded selection.
  3. includes: List of selectors for included selections.
  4. type: It can take any of three values depending on selector type: “css”, “xpath” or “js”. The default selection of webpage uses XPath selector.
  5. expr: Selector expression.
  6. dynamic: It can be either set to “true” or “false”. True value loads dynamic content of webpages while false does not.
  7. delay: If set to some value other than 0, pages wait for specified delay in seconds after page load before Distill checks the page.
  8. ignoreEmptyText: When selected element does not contain any text, it is reported as “SELECTION_EMPTY” error when it is true. Set it to false to consider empty text as a valid change.
  9. includeStyle: Include webpage’s stylesheet in extracted data.
  10. dataAttr: By default Distill monitors changes in text (when set to “text”). Change it to “data” to monitor HTML content.