How to view log of checks?

Log stores log information of last 20 checks. Time is the time at which the a was checked for changes. If an error was encountered during a check, it will be highlighted in red. More details about the error is displayed by clicking on the error log. To view log of check, click the “last changed time” as shown below:

Check logs

Troubleshooting common errors

Some common types of errors encountered are:

  1. SELECTION_EMPTY - It is encountered when an element that was selected in a page is either no longer available in the page or does not contain any text. If you need to get notifications instead, go to Config window as shown here and set value of ignoreEmptyText to false. In most cases, a better solution is to expand the selection to include more elements in the page. For example, selecting title in the page or other static content can offer more consistent result.
  2. TIMEOUT - Distill was not able to load content from the said page in Distill’s remote browser. Some common reasons a page can fail to load are if the page takes too long to load or if the page has loading errors. One workaround that usually works is to load pages statically. Static page loads are faster than dynamic page loads. To do so, go to Config window as shown here and set value of dynamic to false.
  3. ETIMEDOUT - Connection to remote server timed out. This is encountered when a page loaded statically (set dynamic to false in config).
  4. EREQUEST, ECONNREFUSED - Usually when fetching content to load a page statically, a server may return an error response. In those cases, this error code is logged. Change dynamic to true in config to check if dynamic page loads work for the page.
  5. EJAVASCRIPT - It is usually logged when a JavaScript selector throws an error. Try looking for error in the script and fix it.

Feel free to contact us in case you need any help.