How to view log of checks?

What is Check log?

Check log stores log information of the past 20 checks. If a monitor encounters an error during a check, that is also stored in the check log. Errors are highlighted in red with an error code. You can click on the error code to view more details about it. To view check-log, click the “last changed time” as shown below in the image. Please do note that check logs are not synced to the devices. So, you will have to check the

Button to view check-log and error-log

“Last changed on” time is the time when the latest change was detected. The time shown is in your local timezone.

In case of an error, check-log registers an error with code. You can click on the error code to get more details on the error. Check out “Troubleshooting common errors” to get help on the errors. Monitors running with errors can be checked all at once from the Error folder. In the case of 10 consecutive errors for a cloud Monitor, the Monitor is switched off automatically.

Troubleshooting common errors

Some common types of errors encountered are:

  1. SELECTION_EMPTY - It is encountered when selected elements in the page do not contain any text or is no longer available on the page. When the webpage changes its style, the selected element is no longer available. In this case, you will have to make selections again. When you have empty text and you need to get notifications for empty text instead, go to the Config as shown here and set the value of ignoreEmptyText to false. In most cases, a better solution is to expand the selection to include more elements in the page. For example, selecting title in the page or other static content can offer more consistent results.
  2. TIMEOUT - You get this error when Distill is not able to load the page contents. It may happen if the page takes too long to load or if the page has loading errors. One workaround that usually works is to load pages statically. Static page loads are faster than dynamic page loads. To do so, go to Config window as shown here and set value of dynamic to false.
  3. ETIMEDOUT - This happens when the connection to remote server is timed out. This is encountered when a page is loaded statically. Some servers don’t serve content to agents that is not a browser. In those cases set dynamic to true in config.
  4. EREQUEST, ECONNREFUSED - Usually when fetching content to load a page statically, a server may return an error response. In those cases, this error code is logged. Set dynamic to true in config to check if page loads when load by a browser.
  5. EJAVASCRIPT - It is usually logged when a JavaScript selector throws an error. You can try looking for the error in the script and fix it.

Feel free to contact us in case you need any help with troubleshooting.