Add Monitors in Distill Web App

Once you have signed into your Distill account, you can start monitoring webpages. There are two ways to add webpage to Watchlist: using “Distill page bookmarklet” or using “Remote browser” as described below. You can try the bookmarklet method first, its faster. On some webpages, when it loads scripts from external websites Bookmarklet method will not work: try Remote browser method.

Login to your Distill account at

Method 1: Using Distill Page bookmarklet

Step 1: Drag “Distill Page” link to your bookmarks toolbar. You can find “Distill page” bookmarklet in “Explore” section in footer.

Step 2: Then open a webpage which you want to monitor in your browser and click “Distill page” bookmarklet. This will open a Visual selector. If you hover around the webpage, you will see a black bordered box moving with hover.

Step 3: Hover around the content of the webpage which you want to monitor. Once your desired content is inside the black box, you can “click” to select. You will see this one selection fixed. You can make multiple selections in the webpage if you want to monitor multiple contents. You can also “Expand”, “Contract” and “Delete” the selection. Click on left or right caret icon on the selection to see these options.

Step 4: Once you have made selections, click “Save Selection” from the Visual Selector toolbar.

Step 5: An “Option” window will open. You can make changes in actions, conditions, schedule and name for this monitor. Save once you are done.

You will be able to see your monitored webpage in the Watchlist. Add more items to your Watchlist and enjoy some other important stuffs while Distill will do monitoring job for you :)

Method 2: Remote browser using Add Webpage button

In this method, Distill opens a browser in the cloud and lets you select content from it.

Step 1: Click on “Add Webpage” from Distill dashboard (the page that open after you login to Distill). This will open a dropdown list.

Step 2: Click on “Webpage”. It will open a browser in the cloud. You can also click “Feed” if you want to monitor an RSS Feed.

Step 3: Open the webpage which you want to monitor.

Step 4: Click on “Select Elements to Watch” from the Visual toolbar present at the bottom. Make sure the webpage has loaded fully.

Step 5: Follow steps from Step 3 onwards for bookmarklet method as given above.

You will be able to see your monitored webpage in the Watchlist.