Track job postings with Distill web monitor

Vaishnavi Srinath

Track job posting updates

Are you thinking about a job switch? Are you rummaging through job portals and earmarking newspapers? Dear reader, you are going about it all wrong. You need to look at a smarter way of keeping track of open positions in organizations that you aspire to work in.

In November 2020 Bureau of Labor Statistics claimed that the average amount of time to find a job is 24 weeks. That’s a lot of time, and it must be well spent on searching for the right job, not sifting through endless web pages with sub-par filtering capabilities.

Use web monitors to keep track of job openings

A web monitor is a smart tool that can keep track of hundreds of web pages, in your case- job portals and career sections of websites. It will notify you when job profiles are updated, salary figures are changed, and help you get the most accurate and current data posted by an organization. Job data extraction and tracking come with a lot of perks.

What are some of the cool things that web monitors can do?

  • They help you closely monitor job profiles based on keywords relevant to your skillset across several websites like Indeed, Monster, Naukri, ZipRecruiter, Glassdoor, and Dice.
  • Track hundreds of listings without hopping multiple tabs and websites. With web monitors, you can track job data changes across hundreds of web pages in real-time on a single dashboard
  • You can set up monitors to track your dream company’s careers page to check for openings in your domain of expertise
  • They keep track of application deadlines and notify you via email or SMS when recruiters change the requirements on the posting
  • Collect and track parameters like salary, benefits, and employee score, and more on a web page. You can configure monitors to check against preset conditions and to notify you only if the job posts meet your criteria.

Well, the list goes on and on. By now you’ve realized that web monitors are a trusted ally when it comes to the daunting task of job hunting.

Subscribing to career portal notifications may make sense, but are you ready to sift through your cluttered mailbox? It is not tailored to your career checklist, you don’t want to end up with a laundry list of emails sent out to thousands of applicants every day. You should choose a customized approach that minimizes the time you spend on shortlisting jobs.

With web monitors you get notified about relevant job openings, you get to track multiple websites and portals via a single dashboard. All this can be prescheduled at a customized frequency.

smart way

Get started on job searching the “smart way”

Distill is a reliable and versatile web monitor that can handle all your requirements. We’ve been serving in the industry for over 6 years and have made job hunting easier for millions out there. Once you’ve configured your web monitor, with a simple click you can select the data elements on the web page you like to monitor for changes - eg: Salary, job title, experience required, skillset, company name, etc. Don’t worry about login forms, and captchas, we handle them seamlessly.

While you focus on applying for jobs and attending interviews, Distill will assist you in tracking down the right jobs to apply for. It helps you scrape job postings at scale, without burning a hole in your pocket, that’s right - “it’s free!”


You might be someone who’s just starting fresh out of college or a seasoned industry professional. We’ve designed distill to serve everyone, it’s got an intuitive UI and comes in an easy-to-download chrome extension. Fret not, there is no coding or scripting involved, you just click and choose elements on a web page and let your monitor take over. In case you need help we’ve got your back, here’s a handy getting started guide.