How to execute online reputation monitoring for Your company

Tarun Jain

How To Monitor Your Online Reputation

Social proof strategies and their importance in Ecommerce

In today’s rapidly changing ecommerce landscape, both brands and shoppers consider social proof1 essential to develop trust. Online shoppers rely on various types of social proof, including user-generated content (UGC) and influencer-generated content, as well as traditional reviews and ratings, to build confidence in a brand. Online reviews influence purchase decisions, emphasizing the significance of reviews and ratings as influential factors, outranking price, shipping costs, and return policy.

Customers invest significant time and effort in researching products on multiple websites before making a purchase decision. Regardless of their age, all generations want authentic content from customers. A study by Stackla found that 90% of consumers value authenticity when deciding which brands to support. Being experience-centric is crucial for brands to connect with their online consumers and build trust.

How negative reviews affect business?

As a business owner, you understand the significant impact negative reviews can have on your business. Unaddressed negative reviews could result in losing potential customers and damage your reputation. To prevent such consequences, it’s vital to monitor what consumers are saying about your business online and respond promptly to their comments. This approach enables you to understand the issues faced by your customers and offers an opportunity to enhance your business’s reputation.

Monitoring customer feedback about your brand is essential, and you can streamline this process by setting up automated alerts using Distill. Regardless of your niche, Distill helps you stay informed about your online reputation. With Distill, you’ll receive notifications whenever your brand is mentioned online, allowing you to address negative reviews promptly and maintain a positive brand image. By engaging with your customers and responding to their concerns, you demonstrate your commitment to providing exceptional customer experiences, which further strengthens your reputation and trustworthiness.

How to set up Distill for online reputation monitoring

Follow the steps given below to start monitoring consumer complaints websites.

Step 1: Download and install the Distill Chrome extension. Distill is also available for Firefox, Microsoft Edge and Opera. Once downloaded, we suggest you pin Distill to your browser.

download Distill chrome extension

Step 2: Navigate the web page you want to monitor, such as Trustpilot website.

Step 3: Click Distill extension and select “Parts of the Page.”

click on Select parts of page

Step 4: Click customer review section, and a black selection box will appear. Click “Save selection.”

Select element to monitor

Step 5: You will be directed to your Distill watchlist, Under the options page you can select the device. In this case, we will select the browser as the device (This will help you run local checks as long as the browser is open). Using a local device will allow you to do faster checks.

Optional: You can add a name to the monitor. This is to help you identify the monitor in the Distill watchlist.

Step 6: Under schedule checks, set an interval for Distill to check the website for every 3 hour for any new updates.

Edit settings in Dashboard

Step 7: You can then configure your alert mode via email/SMS/ Discord etc. In this case, we would like to be alerted via email and Click “save”.

Distill alerts you when new review is published

Note: You will receive email notifications about new reviews, allowing you to respond promptly and improve customer service.

Distill alert for changes

Best practices for monitoring and responding to online reviews:

  1. Be proactive and transparent to customers before, and after their experience to build trust and loyalty.
  2. Monitor and analyze reviews and feedback using software to track and organize data and identify trends, patterns, and insights.
  3. Respond promptly and politely by acknowledge negative reviews and show empathy and understanding.
  4. howcase positive feedback to promote your business and attract more customers.
  5. Identify strengths and weaknesses and implement changes based on feedback. Communicate changes to customers and ask for their feedback again.

Key takeaways for business reputation monitoring

87% shoppers believe real-life reviews greatly impact their purchasing decisions, So monitoring negative feedback and improving your customer service can enhance your reputation and help you stand out from your competitors.

If you want to monitor multiple sites, based on your requirement you can browse the paid version of Distill. For advanced features or further assistance, contact the support team at (or) tweet to @distill_io. In case you have any queries while setting up your trackers, you can reach out to us on Distill forums. Here we have an active community of users who will help you sort out your problem quickly.