How to monitor webpages with login and password?

Raksha Chandra

How to monitor authenticated webpages in Distill cloud?

Step 1: Create Profile for the webpage at

  • Add a new profile name and click on “Add New Profile”.

    Add New Profile button

  • A remote browser will open in Distill cloud. Enter the URL of the webpage that you want to monitor and sign in using the credentials.

    remote browser authentication

  • Save cookies and exit.

    logged in webpage in a new profile showing a button to save cookies

Step 2: Click on drop down and select “Webpage with profile” as shown below.

button with text as webpage with profile

Step 3: Select the profile, enter the URL that you want to monitor and click on GO button. It should open the logged in webpage.

placeholder for URL of webpage and dropdown button of profile list

Step 4: In the Visual selector, select parts of the web page and save.

A logged in webpage with selections to monitor

Once saved, Distill will monitor the webpage using your saved cookies.

logged in page showing in Watchlist

When cookies expire, you will get an error notification. In that case, you should save your cookies again for the webpage. To save cookies, go to -> click on “open remote browser” for the profile -> enter URL -> Sign in -> save cookies and close.

Please note that number of profiles are limited as per the subscribed plan.