Supported platforms

Distill is available on the following platforms:

  • Browser Extensions: All monitored webpages are checked for changes using the browser. When using an extension, browser and PC must be kept open and running for checks to be performed.

  • Web App: All monitored webpage are saved and checked for changes 24×7 in cloud. One doesn’t need to keep the browser open for monitors to work.

  • Android and iOS apps (undergoing beta tests)


To use browser extensio, click on the link of add-on for your browser given above. This should take you to the store for that browser. You will have to click on “Add to —– (your browser name)” to install Distill. Check the guide to get help adding the first monitor.

To use the Web App, one needs to signup. Refer to this guide to get started with your first monitor.

Web app vs Browser add-on

A browser extension opens a page being monitored in the browser at defined schedule. Browser extension are great for performing extremely fast checks and getting instant notifications. It is also free to get started. But note that, one needs to keep the browser open for checks to work.

In case of Web app, all the monitors are saved and checked for changes in cloud. The Watchlist that is used to manage all monitors (urls tracked for changes) can be accessed from any device. It is great when you are on he move and need to get updates on the device you have at hand.

Note that by default, monitors in browser are stored in your browser’s settings and not available in cloud. But paid customers and sync locally stored data to cloud and other connected devices.

The minimum check interval allowed for the Web app is 2 minutes (Flexi plan) while 5 seconds for the browser add-on.

See Plans & pricing to compare various Distill plans.