Get email alerts on webpage changes

You can receive email alerts when a website changes. To get emails, you need to sign in to you Distill account. Once signed in, add “Get Email” action under a monitor’s Options.

How to add additional email addressed to an account?

Sign in to your account at and go to Emails and Phones. You will see a list of current email addresses added to your account. You can add as many email addresses to receive monitor change notifications as you require. All emails are sent a verification link that should be used to verify the added email address.

Add email to Distill Web Monitor

How to add/remove email action?

You can add or remove email alerts for any monitor from the Options window or directly from the context menu icon as shown below:

Get email on changes to source

  1. Click on the context menu button (down caret icon) for the monitor. This will pop-up the context menu.
  2. Click on “Add Action” and “Get Email” for adding email alert. Or, click on delete icon adjacent to email action to remove it.

If you have added multiple emails to your account and need alerts on more email ids, just add additional email actions for each one.

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