Change history and highlighted changes

When Distill detects a change in a monitor, it saves the latest version of the monitor in its version history. You can check the version history to know what additions and deletions have been detected.

To check the version history, click on the “text preview” section of the monitor as shown below.

version history of a webpage

Text additions are highlighted in green color and deletions in red color. By default, only additions are shown. If you want to show the deletions as well, you can check the “Deleted” option in the settings present o the right of the “explore diff” button. If you are watching the full page, by default, part of the page is shown in the version history. You can uncheck the “Snipped” option in the settings to show the full page in the version history.

Further, you can check out the “explore diff” option to compare the differences between two versions of a monitored page. It has multiple modes to compare pages side by side or inline and styled or unstyled pages. If there are lots of changes, you can also navigate using the next and previous buttons to navigate to the change on the comparison page.

side by side comparison of two versions of a page

Please do note that a version is always added to history whenever a change is found even if the condition is set and is false.

For cloud monitors, the number of version history is as per the subscription plan mentioned at