Why do browser extensions open a new tab for checks?

Most of the webpages are now dynamic. Browsers like Chrome, Opera and Firefox do not allow those webpages to load in the background. So, Distill opens a new tab to check those webpages for changes. Once the webpage is checked, that tab is automatically closed.

How to prevent checks in a new tab?

  • Globally force all checks to happen in background or in a Window. Go to “Settings > Advanced” and select how pages should be opened and checked for changes. Selecting a tab or a window will open a new tab or a window to make checks. Selecting “Background…” will force checks to happen in the background that will work well for static webpages. checks in a new tab

  • You can use checks to happen in a “Sticky Window”. Sticky Window will reserve a minimised window for the checks. This window will not open and close on checks.

  • If you know that content in the webpage is not dynamic, you can change dynamic parameter to false in the config. If you are not sure about the dynamic nature of the content, try changing the config and see if it works.

To change config:

  1. Go to Config window
  2. Change "dynamic": true to "dynamic": false.
  3. Save Config and Options.
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