How to Export and Import Monitors?

Export and import can be used to transfer all monitors in your Watchlist from one device to other. It is also useful when you want to take manual backup of your data. It is recommended for users to take regular backups to recover from accidental data loss.

You can export data in JSON and CSV format.

Steps to export data:

  • Click hamburger icon in Watchlist.

  • Click “Export → JSON/CSV”. Export JSON

  • Click Export button. You will see the text box filled with data.

  • Copy all data from the text box and save it in a text file. You can save the text file with any extension for example .txt or .json.

Steps to import data:

  • Click the hamburger icon → Import. It will open an Import window with a text box on the right side.

  • Copy all JSON/CSV data to be imported. You can copy all data saved in a text file during export or create your own JSON data.

  • Paste the JSON/CSV data in the text box provided in the Import window.

  • Set common actions for all monitors from “add action” button. This will add same action for all imported monitors. You can skip it if you do not want to add any common action.

  • Click “Import” button given at the bottom.

What attributes are exported in JSON/CSV format?

  • Monitor’s URL
  • Monitor’s Name
  • Check Interval
  • Conditions (JSON only)
  • Note: Actions are not exported. However, during import, there is an option of setting up common action for all monitors.
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