What is Distill?

Distill is a website change monitoring tool. It allows users to track changes to websites and receive alerts when changes are detected. It supports tracking

  1. Web page
  2. PDF
  3. JSON
  4. Word doc
  5. XML
  6. Feed
  7. Uptime
  8. SiteMap

Change notifications can be received via Email, SMS (text message), push notifications (mobile app), Discord, Slack, and other apps integrated with Distill’s webhook call.

Distill is available for the following platforms:

Websites can be checked for changes on Distill’s server (in the cloud) or the user’s browser (local checks). More information about the local and cloud checks is available at https://distill.io/docs/web-monitor/cloud-local-monitors/.

Distill supports the free plan. Please check Distill plans and pricing for more details.

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