Config and Advanced Options

How to view config?

Config contains details about the selection of a monitor in JSON format. It also contains parameters and few settings for the monitor. You can view and make changes to the Config based on your requirement.

To open config, go to “Options” window -> click on down caret button right to “Open Selector" button -> click on “Show config” as shown below:

Button to view config of a Monitor

Config parameters

When a monitor is added, Distill creates a config automatically. Following are the parameters in the config with a default value. You can change the default value to match your requirements.

  1. index: Generated by default. Its value is based on selection. For selection inside an iframe, the index should match with that of iframe’s index.
  2. excludes: List of selectors for excluded selections.
  3. includes: List of selectors for included selections.
  4. type: It can take any of three values depending on selector type: “css”, “xpath” or “js”. The default selector is CSS (XPath for browser extension).
  5. expr: Selector expression.
  6. dynamic: It can be either set to “true” or “false”. True value loads dynamic content of webpages while false does not.
  7. delay: By default, it is set to 0. If set to value other than 0, pages wait for that specified delay in seconds before Distill checks the page. When webpages take longer to load contents, you can set delay parameter’s value to some value (say 10) and check.
  8. ignoreEmptyText: By default it is set to true. In this case, when selected element does not contain any text, it registers as error with error code “SELECTION_EMPTY” in the error-log. If you would like to consider empty text as a change, set it to false .
  9. includeStyle: It is false by default. If it is set to true, it will include webpage’s stylesheet in extracted data. The changes under history will show as that of the webpage.
  10. dataAttr: By default Distill monitors changes in text (when set to “text”). Change it to “data” to monitor HTML content.