What is Watchlist?

Watchlist is the collection of your monitors. It is designed as an Inbox. Use Watchlist to make configuration changes to monitor’s configurations and view new updates.

This is how your Watchlist will look like:

Watchlist - List of monitors

How to view Watchlist?

For browser add-on, click on Distill icon from toolbar → Click “Go to Watchlist”.

Distill Menu Popup

For Web app, sign in to your Distill account to view Watchlist.

Watchlist User Interface

Following is a screenshot showing different elements of Watchlist.

Watchlist - Explained

From your Watchlist, you can take different actions for monitors by selecting the monitors and actions. Given below is a screenshot showing action buttons in Watchlist:

Actions in Watchlist

(Note: The Web App doesn’t have “Check for changes” button.)