Local monitor vs. Cloud monitor

Distill offers browser extensions and the Web App as devices to run checks for changes. Monitors added to a browser extension are checked for changes using the “local” computer. They are called local monitors. Browser should be kept open for local monitors to be up and running.

Monitors added through Web app are called cloud monitors. These are stored and are checked in cloud using Distill’s servers. You do not need your computer to be open for the monitors to run in cloud.

When sync is enabled for your account, you can view all your monitors from any device, irrespective of device the monitor is running on. You can also change the device that a monitor runs on. In the following image, sync is enabled and it shows all monitors in one account running in Chrome, Firefox and Web App:

Expand or contract selection in Visual Selector - Distill Web Monitor

Note that 3 monitors are running on the current device (computer icon), 1 in Web app (cloud icon), 1 in Firefox and 1 in another Chrome device.


Audio and pop-up notifications are only applicable for local monitors running on current device.