Macro: Record and Replay Automated Actions

Some pages may require you to click a button to set a preference to show the relevant content or fill a form to search through a list. The clicks and filling a form are called actions. A macro contains a sequence of these actions that can be replayed automatically when needed. Distill makes is possible to monitor such content using macros.

Macros are available to paid customers subscribed to Professional plan and above.

Create a Macro

Use the menu as shown below to go to the “Macros” page. There you can see a list of all available macros and buttons to create new ones.

To create a new macro, enter the following:

  1. The macro’s name so that you can reference this later
  2. A sample start URL that should be used as the starting point to record the macro
  3. Click the “Add…” button.

This will add a new macro to the list of available macros and then open a visual recorder. Use the visual recorder to record the steps and save them. Once saved, the macro is ready to use.

Use the Macro

To use the macro, open the visual selector for the webpage. In the visual selector toolbar, select the newly added macro. You can test the macro using the play button. Once selected and saved, you monitors will start using the macro to automate the actions.

If you need help with a macro or have a use case that is not handled by macros, feel free to contact us. We will be happy to help or offer a custom solution.